Advanced Innovation is a global platform where the most outstanding students and inspiring companies can share their ideas with the tech leaders of the world. Advanced Innovation JAM–Japan is a special competition event for Inventors, student, university, researcher, entrepreneur and companies while providing an opportunity toward participants to expand their activities by showcasing and promoting their inventions and new products in Japan.


General Information 

AI JAM-Japan will be held on December 8th, 2019 in Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo. Organized by AI JAM Association, ASCAAI (American Society for Convergent Applications in AI), Gugen Japan, Hacker Dojo and Sponsored by Hacker Dojo, Ziontech, Chatterbox, QuickStart provides favorable programs: the invention exhibition, seminar, and award ceremony for inventors, student, university, researchers and companies, entrepreneurs from both local and overseas sectors. Participation is also available remotely (long-distance) through registration and then attending the awarding ceremony. 


Main Program

Competition: The focus of AIJAM-Japan is competition in innovative fields. Our qualified judges consist of professional lecturers and researchers from Japan, and overseas. The participants will be rewarded for Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Special Prize.

Exhibition: During the two days of the event, the competition hall will be open for anyone to attend. The participants will need to promote their innovation to the visitors as well as other participants.  


How to Apply

Step 1  : Sign up your AIJAM-Japan account on 

Step 2  : Download the Entry form

Step 3  : Fill out the online entry form

Step 4  : Continue to checkout and finish the payment registration

Step 5  : Contact AIJAM-Japan Committee regarding Exhibition and awarding ceremony in Japan

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