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About Japan.

Japan is an island country in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies off the eastern coast of the Asian continent and stretches from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and the Philippine Sea in the south.  Japan is truly timeless, a place where ancient traditions are fused with modern life as if it were the most natural thing in the world.


Tokyo has two airports, Narita International Airport which handles a large number of international flights as well as domestic and international flights by many low-budget airlines, and the more centrally located Haneda Airport (HND), which handles the city's main share of domestic traffic and an increasing number of international flights.  

Narita Airport (formerly also known as New Tokyo International Airport) is located in the city of Narita in Chiba Prefecture, about 60 kilometers outside of Tokyo. It consists of three terminal buildings: terminal 1, terminal 2 and terminal 3. Terminal 1 and 2 each have a railway station in their respective basements. Terminal 3 serves low-budget airlines and is connected with terminal 2 by a pedestrian walkway. Free shuttle buses operate between all three terminals.

Haneda airport is the operations hub for 5 major airlines namely Air Do, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, Skymark Airlines and Skynet Asia airways. It is located in Ota, Tokyo, and 14km south of Tokyo Station, the heart of Tokyo's transport system.  

The Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo

The Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo brings together four key elements of Accenture's - an innovation center, venture, lab and studio.  The Innovation Hub has a broad network of experts and the latest technologies. By quickly combining its capabilities and talent best suited to solve clients’ business challenges, we can work closely with clients from ideation to actual deployment of solutions.  With all the functions necessary to create innovation such as design thinking, prototyping and testing in place at the Innovation Hub, we can launch strategies and services onto the market at an overwhelming speed.


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